About us

About us

VESO Vikan is an aquatic research facility that contracts challenge trials for the pharmaceutical-, feed- and breeding industry and research industries and government agencies.

VESO Vikan offers standardized challenge models for Atlantic salmon, lumpsucker, seabass, Atlantic cod and rainbow trout. Vaccine trials are routinely conducted, in addition to feeding trials and trials to evaluate genetic resistance to viruses, bacteria and sea lice. As a contract research facility, VESO Vikan represents an independent partner, always ensuring full confidentiality.

The research facility consists of a wet lab with separate isolates and holding tanks from 4 to 13 000 liters. The tank design can be customized to accommodate research needs, including individual light regimes, salinity and temperature. The research facility has two fresh water sources and the sea water is pumped from 60 meters below sea level before UV-treatment. VESO Vikan also offers long-term studies (duration of protection) and field trials conducted under commercial farming conditions.


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Brochure VESO Vikan 2013

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