About us

VESO Vikan and VESO Chile are aquatic research facilities that contract in vivo trials with fish for the pharmaceutical, feed and breeding industry, research institutes and government agencies. As a contract research facility, VESO represents an independent partner, always ensuring full confidentiality.

VESO is a leading facility for the conduct of in vivo trials with, and without, GLP compliance to develop and register veterinary pharmaceutical products for use in fish, especially Atlantic salmon. We perform trials to assess vaccines and pharmaceuticals for intervention against viral, bacterial and parasitical disorders in fish. We also have broad experience with documentation of non-interventional products such as anaesthetics/ sedatives. Our research facility in Norway is located outside Namsos, and the experimental fish are produced in our own hatchery.

Since 2016, VESO is positioned to run trials in a separate unit of the Cargill Innovation Centre in Colaco, Chile. The fish are produced on site, and trials are performed according to the same high quality standards as in Norway. We have a dedicated staff trained according to VESO procedures who design and perform trials according to the clients' needs.

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