VESO has acquired the rights and responsibility for the sale and distribution of CID LINES’ cleaning and disinfectants products in the Norwegian market from AGRONOR AS.

AGRONOR has over the last 20 years gained a strong position in the market for detergents and disinfectants to the Norwegian aquaculture and husbandry industry. Per Heller, the founder and manager of AGRONOR, is very pleased with VESOs take-over and their plans to develop the business further. Per will continue to be active in the transitional period to secure a safe transfer of know-how and continuity of the business.

CID LINES, a world leading manufacturer of cleaning and disinfection products for animal health, food processing and vehicle care, is also pleased that VESO is taking over the commercial activities of AGRONOR. Luc Leduc, CID LINES Business Unit Director in Scandinavia, comments as follows;

"The synergy between the experience of AGRONOR and the bigger logistic and human resource capacities of VESO, will move the partnership to the next level” says Luc Ledoux. He adds: “Cleaning and disinfection is becoming more and more important, in all animal protein production industries, given the irreversible trend of Anti Biotic Reduction. We are pleased that VESO is sharing our vision to ‘Believe in Hygiene’ and the added value to a healthy and tasty salmon production in this bench mark country. VESO is well positioned in the Norwegian salmon market and for CID LINES, aquaculture is becoming an important market segment, worldwide."

AGRONOR has been the distributor for CID LINES since 1998 in the Norwegian poultry, aqua and other husbandry markets. The CEO of VESO, Arne Ruud comments the acquisition as follows;

"VESO wants to contribute to good animal health and optimal environment for livestock and aquaculture in Norway. We truly believe that one of the key preconditions for this is good hygiene in the animals’ 'place of residence'. We have therefore invested in and expanded our portfolio to include antifouling-, detergents- and disinfectants products as new offerings from VESO. Vi have also strengthen our staff in order to provide customers with good and professional advice in these areas. We believe that our customers will be well served using CID LINES’ products and solutions to secure the clean and optimal production environment needed in modern food production. We will continue AGRONOR’s practical approach to how cleaning and disinfection should be carried out under different conditions and in different environments."

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