Are you our new business partner?

If you are looking for a distribution channel for medicines and trade goods for fish and animals in the Norwegian market, VESO is the best alternative.

VESO is constantly looking for and is contacted by companies that have documented and good products for animals and fish. As our business partner, you are guaranteed access to the entire Norwegian veterinary market. We set strict requirements for ethical trading with well-documented, high-quality products. For us, animal welfare and good animal health are absolutely necessary for sustainable production.

Contact AQUA

Ragnhild Bleken Rud

Sales and Marketing Manager VESO Aqua

+47 991 59 925

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Lasse Tyldum

EVP VESO Aqualab/Aqua Chile

+47 932 49 930

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Contact Pharmacy and Animal Health

Camilla J. Velvin

Sales and Marketing Manager VESO Pharmacy

+47 936 65 174

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Contact Administration

Arne G. Ruud


+47 22 96 11 03

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