Our history

Establishment of VESO

VESO (Veterinærmedisinsk Oppdragssenter AS) was founded in 1988 by the Norwegian Agricultural Science Council. In 1991, it underwent a transformation into a limited company under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Privatisation of the company

From 2008 to 2010, VESO underwent a privatisation process through a Management Buy Out (MBO). In 2019, the government divested its entire stake, resulting in AquaNova Invest AS’s current ownership positionin VESO. The remaining shares are held by present and former employees.

Since the privatisation, VESO has experienced remarkable growth, with more than eightfold increased turnover. The substantial increase represents an average annual growth rate of >14%. VESO’s success can be attributed to several factors, including heightened market penetration, expansion within the fish and animal health sectors in Norway, strategic investments in new ventures, novel markets entries, and the introduction of innovative products and services. 

Collaboration project in Chile

In 2007, VESO embarked on a collaborative endeavour with Akvaforsk (currently known as NOFIMA) and Sintef in Chile. VESO assumed full ownership of the company in 2017. VESO Chile has since then demonstrated robust growth and currently holds a prominent position as a primary supplier to the fish farming industry in Chile.

Investment in breeding and genetics

Between 2007 and 2015, VESO allocated substantial resources towards the development of a breeding and genetics enterprise. Recognising the need for continued growth and expansion, VESO made a strategic decision to divest this business to Benchmark Holding in 2015.

New contract research facility in Chile

In 2018, VESO established a new research laboratory in Chile through a collaboration with Cargill (EWOS). This joint effort resulted in the establishment of a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to conducting experiments and research activities for the aquaculture industry.

Brynsløkken and antifouling

In 2016, VESO acquired a controlling interest (51%) in Brynsløkken AS, a company engaged in the development and manufacturing of antifouling and other chemical products. Since the acquisition, the company has exhibited substantial growth and advancement, establishing a prominent position as one of the leading suppliers in the industry.

VESO enters the Icelandic aquaculture market

In 2022, we established VESO EHF in Iceland in collaboration with an experienced Icelandic founding team. The company is positioned to capture its share of the anticipated growth within the Icelandic aquaculture market.

Expansion and diversification of the product portfolio

In recent years, the organisation has expanded within within the domains of animal and fish health. In addition to vaccines and pharmaceuticals, we have successfully broadened our offerings through strategic collaborations with pioneering and renowned international manufacturers. We have introduced a range of new products, including hygiene solutions, veterinary consumables, dietary supplements, and microbial products.