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Arne has worked in VESO since 2001 and in aquaculture since 1988. First 15 years in sales and marketing with fishfeed in Ewos, and then as CEO of VESO with responsibility for all our exciting business areas. He is a structural engineer from the University of Agriculture in Ås (now NMBU).

Education and work have gone hand in hand after formal education, and getting to know the aquaculture sector in the late 80s was a wake-up call to exciting and sustainable production, but also with the enormous risk of disasters, poor profitability and totally devastating disease outbreaks. The network of contacts within all parts of veterinary Norway and within international aquaculture is extensive.

The commitment to ethics, the environment and animal welfare is prominent for the work that has been done and will be done in the future.


Landbrukshøgskolen på ÅS (NMBU)
Structural engineer